Pedagogy facing the challenges of information technologies
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information technologies
personal identity
information society
learning society
virtual reality


In the past couple of decades, pedagogy has found itself facing the challenges of information technologies, with these intertwining every aspect of human life and enterprise. Their impact on the technical and technological, scientific, and social development is unquestionable. In effect, civilisation on the whole has faced a new progress trend in which information technologies and globalisation determine overall changes. As a result of major changes and fast development, social reality has been struck by a general crisis, extending, naturally, over the domains of education and moral education in every aspect imaginable. There are numerous challenges posed by information technologies today that render pedagogy without a proper response in terms of theoretical concepts or empirical models of new paradigms. With regard to this, some of the issues scholars across the world are focused on are forming of personal and national identity of new (digital) generations, humanisation and dehumanisation of a personality, as well as education in the conditions of domination of information technologies and virtual reality.
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