Stavovi učenika o upotrebi nastavnih sredstava u srednjoj školi šumarske struke u Banjoj Luci
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didactic material
usage of didactic material
frequency of usage and contemporariness of didactic material


The paper discusses students’ perception of usage of didactic material and the necessity to modernise it. The survey is conducted on the sample of 100 examinees, who have been asked to reflect on the type, frequency of usage, contemporariness, and motivation for usage of didactic material. The paper contains two sections, theoretical and research. The former features the notion of didactic material determined in accordance with the relevant literature in the field and provides its description and classification. With regard to the latter, it opens with the methodology of the survey conducted among the students of the forestry technician profile, and it then provides the results in quantitative, qualitative, and graphic terms, as well as their interpretation. The closing section brings out reflections on implementation of didactic material and the necessity of introducing new elements into it. The results show that these changes are necessary for the reason of usage of outdated textbooks. On the part of students, they are mostly delighted by a new edition of Student’s Book, given its modern design and a variety of exercises adjusted to their needs. In addition, there is a new asset regarding the practical work, Forestry Practicum, which helps them prepare for fieldwork by offering them easy-to-use and fun contents.
PDF (Ћирилица)
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