The effect of new model of supplementary athletic drills on the transformation of agility and speed
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physical education
supplementary drills


This paper deals with an analysis of contents of a new model of supplementary athletic drills and an interpretation of motoric skills of agility and speed in elementary school students (11-14 years of age), aiming at determining the changes concerning the aforementioned skills upon the end of a ten-week training process. The research is conducted on the sample of 43 students of the ‘Drinic’ Elementary School (Petrovac), divided into the experimental (22) and control (21) group. The former group implements the new model of drills, whereas the latter one attends regular physical education classes featu

ring athletics. The following tests are used for the assessment of motoric skills: cone drills (10x5 meters) and standing start sprint (20 meters). The results suggest that the experimental group has scored statistically significantly better than the control one, which proves that the new model can be applied in physical education teaching.
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