Preferred methods of play in pre–school children
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methods of play
experience of play
pre– school children


Play is not only the most common children’s activity, it is also an activity that allows a child to learn about themselves and their environment and how to affect it. In this sense, toys represent a means by which a child acts and which contributes to them getting to know themselves better. The aim of this research is to determine children’s most favourite toys and the way children use them. For that reason, the sample of the research is 120 children in the batches of 40, aged 4,5, and 6 respectively, with an equal gender representation and the method of interview used. The results show that children prefer modern–day toys, along with some traditional ones as well, and that this selection is influenced by the media, in particular cartoons. With regard to preferred methods of play, it is obvious from the interviews that the latter is conditioned by the choice of toys. Due to the extreme significance of both play and toys in terms of children’s development in early life, the authors suggest that much more attention should be paid to both the toys purchased and children’s experience during the process of play.
PDF (Ћирилица)
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