Pre-school educators’ assessments on correlation of activities in education and moral education
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correlation of activities
pre-school age
related and integrated contents


The concept of correlation of activities is a desirable one in pre-school institutions because it allows children to more easily learn and relate new experiences to the previously gained knowledge. In order to point to the significance of correlation of activities in pre-school institutions, the authors conduct this empirical research featuring pre-school educators. At the core of our interest is to determine to what extent educators resort to correlation of activities, when they apply it the most, and whether they use means of information technology during such approach. The research aims at examining educators’ assessments on the possibilities and significance of application of correlation of activities in pre-school institutions. For that purpose, the research is conducted by means of a questionnaire, and the results gained point to the fact that educators utilise the correlation of activities in their work (yet they claim that it is a time-consuming approach as well). In addition, the results reveal that, by doing so, educators are growing more and more fond of using information technology.М
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