Fable as a wealth of judgments – in-between the comprehended and the apprehended
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ultimate values
value system
problem-based teaching
interpretation of the fable The Fox and the Goat


The paper aims at pointing to possibilities of application of problem-based teaching as regards the fable interpretation class in the elementary school fourth grade. For that reason, there is a survey conducted encompassing 211 examinees from the elementary schools of the municipalities of Podgorica and Danilovgrad (Republic of Montenegro) and covering both the urban and rural area. With regard to the former, the levelling test is performed in the schools featuring a greater number of classes, based on which two classes matching their knowledge of literature are selected. The criterion applied is the average score on the test, along with the standard deviation. By means of the a priori statistical analysis of test power, it is determined that the scope of the sample provides a solid basis for making highly reliable statistical conclusions. In this respect, the results show that the problem-based approach as regards interpretation of the fable The Fox and the Goat provides a more comprehensive experience and understanding of the text, as well as the acceptance of the value system presented in it.

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